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Fun apparel for your high school grad or the kid that just wont leave.

Our Story


Where it began...

 Two summers ago, my 16 year old son and I were at his orthodontist office on an appointment.  Out of the blue, he asks, " Am I going to get to go to college?"  I said "Of course you are -  you know your mom and I both have our college degrees so, yes you're going. "  He continues with "I really hope I get to go somewhere in Colorado.  I love it out there".   


 I replied "I don't really care where you go, just as long as you GET OUT!!"  He looks at me sideways and smiles. Then I said "Maybe we can find a school called the University of Get Out!" 


Right then the office manager says "I wasn't eves dropping, but if you put that on a t-shirt, I'll buy three of them right now!"  I smiled and said, "Ya - that would be a funny shirt that parents of high school grads could give as a present on their way out the door".

And Here We Are...

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